Your private events



The yachts which we provide you with establish(constitute) a place and an exceptional asset(trump card) to realize your family events, marriages, birthdays(anniversaries) or receptions deprived in family or between friends. Your guests will be flattered(patted) to be received on board and aware(conscious) of the privilege which is so tuned to them.


All will estimate(appreciate) this magic moment given rhythm by our staff of edge, at once attentive and discreet and by the menu orchestrated by our Leader in cooking(kitchen). You their will make discover simply pleasures gourmets associated to the elegance, the comfort, the intimacy of a unique(only) place, on fund(collection,funds,collections) of sometimes festive background music, when you celebrate a happy event. Every detail, decoration, menu, animation, will be the object of a greater customization(personalization), answering perfectly your slightest requirements.